4, July 2017

Essay Writing Challenge Session On The Importance Of Global Volunteering

Essay writing competitions are held all over the world. No matter whatever the topic is, the assessment criteria for them will remain the same. A new sort of article or Thesis writing competition has just been gaining pace which is open for all students who have volunteered in a foreign country or who have an interest in international volunteering. Yes, the paper writing competition on international volunteering. Though this one is not very different from others, by this, students are given the chance of:

An exposure to share their own experience on the subject

Sharpen up their journalistic and camera work skills

Raise their voice on an international platform on various issues- Motivate new people to join the fresh groups of international volunteers.

At the end of the competition the winners are also awarded with luxurious prizes.

The importance of such events cannot be ignored as well. These events are equally significant if one wants to reveal their personal experiences to others via discussion. By using this strategy, endorsement is provided to good performances on international volunteering. This also permits other people in the world to hear about and gain knowledge from direct experiences of previous volunteers and then when new influences are added, to these discussions about volunteering, from people across the globe then highly beneficial results are produced for the world. Moreover protractible, dependable and critical thinkers are developed through international volunteering.

Taking part in these competitions is quite easy as students have to integrate features of their own analysis and some derived researches on the topic. In this manner they will be able to contribute positively to the discussion on international volunteering and their voices will be reached on the international level. There are several topics of the articles given by various international volunteering committees. Students have to choose the topic that they think they can write the best.  The content of the paper must not only be engaging and captivating, but it must reflect on those broader aspects which are linked to the themes of international volunteering and international growth and expansion. Students are also advised to infuse the recent debates on the topic, especially on the perceptions and intellectual portrayals pertaining to the progression and development in the world.

No doubt that this is a great opportunity to raise your voice and reflect on your exposure by gaining the alertness on the advantages and disputes of overseas volunteering.